Web Services


Web programming is the core coding part of a website's design. It is the process of developing and enhancing the functionality of a website like E-commerce sites or online shopping websites. CPJ Techno Solutions makes it possible by making a static page into a dynamic page.

Depending upon customers need and budget, we can design and create anything from a low-cost streamlined product to a state-of-the-art site featuring 3-D virtual-reality graphics. We have significant experience building interactive, catalog sites to sell products or services complete with on-line secure server and shopping cart style ordering.

  • HTML5 CSS3
  • Photoshop
  • jQuery
  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • Illustrator

Web Designing:

Either a new website to be developed from the scratch or redesign an existing website has to redesigned, we do it with professional approach.

Advantages of our Web design services:

  • Completely customized - Tailored to your business needs
  • SEO Web design - Following this is useful for your Website's Search Engine visibility
  • W3C Guidelines - Following this promotes accessibility for your Website and make it available to all users.Easily upgradeable and technologically advanced.

Our Web Design Services include:

  • New Website design and development
  • Existing Website's redesign
  • Flash Web design.
  • E Commerce Web Portal development

We at CPJ Techno Solutions with our team of talented Web designers, make your dream come true with our outstanding Website design services.

Web Maintenance

We understand just creating a highly-user friendly and interesting website with contents is not the end of web designing or development process. Regular maintenance and upgradation is done to the website as and when necessities arise. Business will be notified well in advance in case any major updates are required

Once the Website is designed, it should be Hosted and Maintained, to make you’re spent on Web design worthy and to make your Website available to all users

Our Hosting is professional and trustworthy which you can feel from our quality and high download speed of your Website. Maintenance of your Website might include adding/deleting new products/pages/images, update special offers, change dates or redesign of the Website and with our professional team of Web designers, we handle your Website's maintenance services.

CPJ Techno Solutions approaches Website Hosting and Web Maintenance professionally and help your Website to be available to visitors round the clock without any mess.

Web Hosting

CPJ specializes in to provide solutions from design to development and then it is hosted for promoting the same online. We provide the solutions according to the client’s demands and requirements. The company has also helped many entrepreneurs to survive in the competitive market.

Linux Hosting (Shared)

The Operating System is known for its durability and stability. The services by CPJ are provided to the customers in time with appropriate web hosting and domain space so that the process of hosting is done with ease. We have been giving the fast and affordable Linux hosting provider services every time. The services are provided at a reasonable rate to provide its customers the best. The features of Linux Hosting are available for small and medium level business. Fast, reliable and affordable Linux Hosting services are given to the clients by the CPJ.

Reseller Hosting:

CPJ deals with the businesses in the internet world providing them with proper Reseller Hosting which in turn provides the best web hosting plans ever. The owner of the account can have access to their disk space and bandwidth all the time. The coolest and cheapest Reseller Hosting given by the CPJand dedicated to their clients to provide the best services.