BPO & KPO Services

Customer Service Outsourcing

Customer service can make or break your business. With excellent customer service you can make sure that your clientele love dealing with you and can exceed their expectations every time they pick up the phone. If you know how to deal with queries and questions then even a potential mistake can be turned into an opportunity to demonstrate your care, attention and professionalism.

Providing great service and communication doesn’t have to mean hiring an entire department. It can be as simple as outsourcing to a company that knows how to ensure customer satisfaction and that really cares about helping your business to soar.

Let CPJ Techno Solutions be that company and you’ll improve your company’s reputation instantly with minimal investment.

    How We Work?

  • We analyse client requirement and design a solution for optimum results.
  • Our 24/7 answering service ensures that there’s always someone home when your visitors come knocking. Use our answering services for small businesses and it will be as though you have your very own customer service department, except without the hassle or the expense!
  • When you use our phone answering service though, you aren’t ‘palming’ your callers off to an overseas company that doesn’t care. This is a premium experience that you will be proud to associate with your business. All of our team speak perfect fluent English and we don’t leave your callers waiting or pass them around the switchboard
  • By being available at any time with our after-hours phone answering service. For a business answering service in the modern age, you really need to be able to take calls any time of day. This is what will make customers feel that you are going above and beyond for them and it’s what you need in order to expand your business globally
  • Companies that only answer the phone between working hours are missing out. Most of your clients are busy during those hours too! Extend your capacity to take on more work with a 24/7 answering service and impress prospects from the word go.
  • We’ll even help to set up appointments for you and arrange meetings. Imagine waking up to a full calendar of appointments and jobs without having to do any of the work yourself!

Industry Verticals

Our services offered cut across multiple industry verticals providing operational excellence, in-depth domain and functional knowledge.

Telecom Retail Internet Services Banking and Financial
Sales & Marketing Online catalogsales support Telemarketing B2C campaigns Mortgage Processing
B2B Lead Generation campaigns Track and Trace Support Lead Generation for B2B campaigns Credit Card Sales
Customer Relationship Management Payment Processing (NSF / BACS) Reconciliation Accounts Receivable Management
Order Management Inventory Management Asset Financing Customer Help Desk
Customer Retention Initiatives Lender Support Services
Customer Retention Initiatives

Horizontal Offerings

Our operation team’s strength lies in domain knowledge and quality driven processes. The services can be tailor made to suit client requirements. Our expertise listed below

Technical Support Services Finance & Accounting Customer Relationship Management
Remote Desktop Support Accounts Payable Customer Generation Services
Remote Network Management Accounts Receivable Customer Retention Services
Remote Software Services
Remote Infrastructure Management

Virtual Assistant Services

If you are a Business Owner handling a large Customer Base, you are bound to feel the need to employ dedicated assistant(s) to help you out. And it’s true that your assistant would need to be specialized in Tasks pertaining to the nature of your Business. So wondering where to find such Specialist Assistant(s) to help you out?

CPJ Techno Solutions Is Here To Help!

Save Money-As we offer affordable and high quality outsourced services, you can be sure that our Virtual Assistants shall be capable of handling all kinds of tasks for your company. You shall save money not just by hiring our Services, but also reduce your overheads by not having to invest on Office Equipment, Employee Training and other related factors.

No Need of a Locally Based Office-If you are based in one location and need the work to be done in another, we as Global Service Providers, shall provide you with uniform quality of services, no matter where or when you may be in need of them

Get Expert Help – Based on the needs felt indifferent areas of your business, we shall supply you Virtual Assistants who excel in that particular area / field. With this, you shall be in a position to provide additional boost to the relevant departments within your Organization.

Reliable Services –We take pride in the Quality of services we offer to our Clients. Our Services come to you with the assurance that our 24/7 Virtual Assistants shall prove themselves to be the “Best in Business”.

As an Offshore Solutions Provider working with varied businesses across the globe, we understand that the role of a Virtual Assistant (VA) is specialized. The one who is good at Bookkeeping may not be the right choice for handling Phone Calls or maintaining a Website. Similarly a Virtual Assistant, experienced in working with Realtors may not be the right choice for an Online Retailer

Our Team of experts will provide you Quality Service with a professional touch in anything and everything that they do. And be assured that you shall no longer suffer managing more than one VA at any given time. We at CPJ Techno Solutions strongly believe that Industry Knowledge combined with proven skills is more important for any Virtual Assistant to be successful.

KPO Services

CPJ Techno Solutions Private Limited is a vanguard in providing the best KPO services.Our KPO services and its domain are versatile enough to cater any type of customers need. From accounting to data management, our team is there for you all over.

We are beyond maintaining the SLAs. Come to us and you will find that CPJ Techno Solutions KPO Services are quite good with nimble-witted professionals who know about various fields like, data computation, technical solutions, software management, finance, digital marketing and many others

Neither we seek high, nor do we ask for anything below our standard of work level. Our KPO services costing are worthwhile. Recognize the distinction by outsourcing your work at CPJ Techno Solutions

Also, when the clients outsource their work to us, they require scrutiny at various levels like what is the status of their task and related type of queries, so we are at your helpdesk always. We provide customer support via phone, electronic mails or chat based. With just the correct blend of IT/ITES expertise and sheer hard work, our KPO services are simply amazing. We are your maven for every domain that you wish to outsource.

On a whole, our BPO as well as KPO experts will help you out on giving useful tips about your business, how to improve the stigmatization of your products that you offer, remoulding your company profile after an extensive web research and following numerous analytics

    Service we offer

  • Smart work.
  • Expeditious solutions.
  • On time work delivery.
  • Domain drawn team.
  • Customer support always available.
  • Our professionals work over a cohesive IT-KPO approach.
  • Adept technicians who are well-versed with their work.
  • Members with good hold over English.
  • We are not limited towards maintaining just the Service Level Agreement.

Cost Savings – Average cost of a qualified technology call center professional costs at least $ 5000 per month and non-technology professional cost $ 4000. Whereas we can source qualified professional at fraction of this cost in India and pass on this benefit to the client.

Our client can focus on their core business, devising strategies and its implementation which will help to improve the profitability as well as the overall revenue performance

Abundant supply of qualified manpower enables our client to scale up the call center at short notice.